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We live in a complex and challenging world. I specialize in working with those who suffer with anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, and various marital issues.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching provides the support and accountability necessary to stop procrastinating and accomplish the goals you most desire.


Life is filled with difficulties and challenges. The assistance of a trained counselor’s guidance can make all the difference. Whether you’re considering marriage, coping with the loss of a loved one, navigating marital or personal challenges Don is able to assist.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Getting married is one of the most important milestones in our lives. Just like any journey, careful preparation beforehand makes great sense.

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Premarital counseling is one of the most important steps that an engaged couple can take in preparing for marriage.

Utilizing time proven online assessment tools, the wisdom of the Enneagram and other tools, Don helps couples better understand themselves and one another. The premarital course is a minimum of 8 hours and may be completed in person or in online sessions.

Topics discussed include: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Finances, Homes of Origin, Sexual Expectations, and much more.

Upon completion of the 8-hour course, couples applying for a Texas marriage license will be entitled to a significant discount on their marriage license fee.

Grief Counseling

Most people will experience loss at some point in their lives.

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Grief is a reaction to any form of loss. Bereavement and grief encompass a range of feelings from deep sadness to guilt, or anger. As a result, grief is often quite confusing and disorienting.

As a Pastor and Certified Grief Counselor, Don walks with clients through the tasks of grieving, finding hope and healing.

Couples Counseling

Marriage is hard work and at times can begin to feel overwhelming.

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Are you unhappy, feeling stuck, maybe considering separation or even divorce? There is hope. As a Pastor and Counselor, Don will walk with you as you resolve the conflicts that have led to the loss of communication and intimacy. There are answers, solutions and the love you once enjoyed can be rediscovered.

Anxiety, Depression, and Addictions

We live in a complex world that often feels overwhelming. The associated stress often leads to dark places such as anxiety, depression, or addictive behaviors.

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There is hope and you’ve already taken the first important step by simply starting the process of seeking help. Working together, we will examine the thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors that keep you trapped in a relentless cycle of negative thinking. Once these underlying thoughts are revealed we can begin replacing them with true, positive ones. Regardless of how you feel today, there is hope for a joy filled life. As a Pastor and Counselor, Don will walk with you through this difficult season as you begin to discover the joy filled life you desire.

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

A Professional Coach is a Personal Change Expert. Coaches help people like you grow faster, perform at a higher level, understand themselves more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment. In the same way that a personal trainer helps a pro athlete maximize performance, a personal coach can help you get the most out of life.


Coaching appointments begin with a chance for you to report on your progress, and end with a clear set of action steps you choose to take in the week ahead. But what is that essential spark between you and your coach that makes the relationship so transformational? Following are four facets of the power of coaching:

Coaching is a transformational conversation: The biggest surprise for first-time clients is realizing that the coach isn’t there to give advice. Instead, powerful, incisive coaching questions stimulate you to examine the things in life that matter most from new angles. A coaching conversation can transform the way you look at life.

Coaching is a transparent relationship: A coach is a friend and confidant, your greatest supporter, and someone who know you well enough to call out the best in you. A transparent relationship with your coach frees you to go to places you’ve never gone before.

Coaching is a support system for change: With support, encouragement, and accountability from someone who believes in us, we can do far more than we’d ever accomplish alone. A coach helps you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and convert your want-to into concrete steps that get in your date book and get done.

Coaching is continuous leadership development: Coaches don’t give solutions: they help you solve your own problems. Coaching is helping you learn instead of telling you what to do. By leveraging every situation to build your capacity as a leader and a person, coaching prepares you to conquer much bigger challenges in the future.


The answer is, “just about anything!” Increased performance, discovering your destiny, getting organized, regular exercise, slowing down, turning a dream into reality … you only need to answer the question, “What do I want to accomplish?”

Coaching works in just about every area because it is about helping you learn. A coach is not an expert advising you in a particular field (consulting), or someone more senior who is showing you the ropes (mentoring). Coaches are change experts who help you find the solutions to your unique situation.

Where do I go from here?

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About Me

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. You’ve taken the first step toward the life you desire, and that first step is often the hardest. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, grief, or marital issues, I believe I can help. My counseling approach is to create a safe and compassionate environment. I employ a combination of CBT, IFS, and Solution Focused Therapy to help you find the healing you seek. As a Certified Life Coach, I’ll help you articulate your goals and provide the necessary support, encouragement, and accountability as you pursue them.

With more than forty years as a Pastor and Ministry Leader, my counseling and coaching is based on biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Educationally, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty Theological Seminary. More recently, I completed the requirements to become a certified Life Coach, Grief Counselor, and Sexual Addictions Counselor.

In 2024, I joined the team of counselors at The Center for Relational Care where I provide Pastoral Counseling services. I have office space in both North and South Austin.

I’ve been a long-term member in good standing of the American Counseling Association, the American Association of Christian Counselors, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, the American Academy of Grief Counselors, and the International Institute of Trauma & Addiction Professionals.

In addition to counseling and life coaching, I’ve also been a self-employed business owner. As a Registered Financial Representative, I successfully coached my clients to set and obtain their financial goals and objectives.

My wife, Michelle and I were married in the summer 1981 and together we’ve raised two sons. In 1997 we relocated from piney woods of East Texas making our home in Austin. In our free time, Michelle and I enjoy various outdoor activities and the beauty of the Texas Hill Country.


“Don is excellent at coaching! He is very thorough and pays attention to details. Don takes the time to needed to ensure real issues are addressed and stays focused on the goals that will help you succeed.

If you are looking to grow and reach your highest potential, Don is the perfect coach!”

Robert D

Life Coaching Client

“Don Read has been a life coach to me for some time now and I HIGHLY recommend him. He attentively listens to my needs, fears, struggles, goals, aspirations and helps me hone in on a starting point to build upon. I’ve seen so much growth, whether it be spiritual, relational, or professional, stem from my coaching sessions with Don + he keeps me accountable for the goals that we set at our meetings. He is an exceptional coach – kind, patient, punctual, creative, positive – and is truly gifted in helping people get to the next level. I believe everyone can significantly benefit from having a life coach and Don is it!!!”

Kristina C.

Life Coaching Client

“I have had the pleasure of working with Don for a few years now as a source of infinite wisdom. He is kind, patient, and offers a fresh look at challenges & solutions. I had never worked with a Life Coach prior to working with Don, and I have been so blessed by his expertise. I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking to better themselves personally or professionally!”

Nikki D

Life Coaching Client

My husband David and I began premarital counseling with Don in 2018 with substantial “baggage” from previous relationships. We knew going into our engagement exactly what it took to break a marriage but wanted to explore what it takes to make a marriage work forever like God intended. Our hope was to bring a flashlight into the depths of our hurts while examining our likes and differences to find common ground in our faith. We completed a survey individually, and reviewed the results together in a supported, patient, and unbiased environment through Don’s leadership. We have integrated many techniques we learned from our time with Don into our marriage that have proven to be extremely helpful with handling conflict by effective communication. We would highly recommend Pastor Don Read for premarital counseling.

David & Jennifer

Premarital Counseling Clients

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